Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Virtual Film Festival 2: Werner Herzog & Klaus Kinski

Lest you think my first Virtual Film Festival would indicate that all future selections would be bad, I bring you an assortment of films that are actually good.

Maybe you remember passing by the Werner Herzog & Klaus Kinski DVD set at Borders in the last couple of years, and maybe you're as impoverished as I am lately (though I hope, for your sake, not as badly as I've been) and counted it as yet one more expense that will have to wait. If so, you may console yourself now and see no less than four of these collaborations between the fabled star and director.

I saw Aguirre: the Wrath of God in Terence Gibney's film appreciation class at UGA, winter quarter 1989. We also saw a documentary about the making of Fitzcarraldo in that class, but not the film itself. My Best Fiend and Woyzeck I have not seen at all before now, so, enjoy with me, please:

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